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This page should help clarify the differences in the major components and aid in your purchasing decision

Modulating / Condensing Boilers



The Vitodens 100 offers outstanding value in a well made condensing boiler. It offers Viessman quality and advanced engineering in a package costing the same or less than many "competitors". Experience, lots of experience, tells us that Viessmann products perform and keep on performing longer and better than other brands we have installed and serviced in the past. That is why the Vitodens 100 is our choice for "budget" applications.

Indirect Water Heater Tanks



Heat Transfer Products "Contender" Indirect Tank
Steel / Enamel Construction
5 Year Warranty



No "Good" here, only "better" and "best". We simply are sold on Viessmann quality value and reliability. Fortunately, there are two models available to choose from.


Vitodens 200

The Vitodens 200 offers the highest quality construction and engineering available in the market today. Period. Unlike most other boilers out there, Viessmann manufactures the Vitodens heat exchanger and burner "in house" Their strict quality control measures reflect their long-term commitment to the market and make us proud to be a partner. The Vitodens 200 boasts an "on-board" control and diagnostic package that puts it in a class by itself. What's better, after considering all that is included with this amazing appliance, it isn't even that much more expensive. In our opinion, this is the best value in the boiler business. That's why are among the largest installers of Vitodens boilers in all of North America.



Heat Transfer Products "Ultrastor" Indirect Tank
Stainless Steel Construction
20 Year Warranty

Viessmann Vitocell 300 Indirect Tank
Stainless Steel Construction
Lifetime warranty

This is the best of the best and always our 1st choice if the budget allows. Construction quality, heat transfer characteristics and warranty are unequalled in the industry. Also available in a Horizontal model.