HI-V HVAC Systems
Hi Velocity Systems - Features & Benefits for Heating & Cooling

Residential & Retrofits


* Space Saving
* Quick Installation
* Small Diameter Duct
* Pre-Wired Printed Circuit Boards
* Hi Efficiency Programmanble ECM Motors
* Constant Circulation Improves Air Quality
* Vent Plate Selection Complements Any Decor
* Adjustable Vent Plates Maximise Air Control
* Hi-Efficiency Pre-Piped Refrigerant Cooling Modules

Hi-Efficiency Programmable ECM Motors

Branch Take-Off

Shaped to fit the plenum making it easier to install and includes a gasket for an airtight seal.

Two Inch or Three Inch Assembled Flexible Duct

The flexible duct can be installed along joists, in between walls or other space confined areas quickly and easily. Attached from the Branch Take-Off to the Rough-In Boot delivering the air whisper quiet with a sound absorbing inner core.

Rough-In Boot

Is quickly and easily installed, the built in damper allows for individual room comfort and can be installed in the floor, ceiling or sidewall.


The typical 8" and 10" plenum used with the Hi-Velocity Systems makes for fast installations. This reduces over-all installation time compared to convensional systems and increass usable space of the structure. Insulation for the plenum is also available for cooling or installations that will be run in unconditioned space.


Vent Plates

Available in a veriety of styles to blend in with their surroundings, our plastic and wood vent plates can be painted or stained to match with any colour scheme. Click here for a better view of vent style selections and install examples.





Featuring Remote Mounted
Service Panel - Alerts user for
U.V. Lamp & Filter Replacement



Printed Circuits

* Pre-wired for heating and cooling.
* 24v transformer factory installed and wired.
* Auxiliary relays for 110v, 24v, or dry contact applications.
* Speed controls for both constant fan and heating operation.
* Terminals for thermostat, zone valve, condensing unit and anti-ice control simplify field control wiring.
* Dynamic pump duty cycle chip provided to prevent water stagnation in potable water systems and to provide pump rotar protection.


Fan Coil Unit

• Comfortable, Efficient Hot Water Fancoils
* Simplified Wiring Control
* Single Side Access
* Slide in Modules
* Programmable ECM Motors

Fan Coil Unit Location

The system is designed around the home, no the home around the system. The fan coil can be located in small spaces such as a closet, basement, crawl space or attic and does not have to be situated in the middle of the home like most conventional systems.


Can be supplied by: Dual Purpose Hot Water Heaters, Boiler, Heat Pump, Geothermal and Electric Strip.


Can be supplied by: Refrigerant, Chilled Water, Heat Pump and Geothermal.


Designed specifically for use with the HE product line, giving consumers unsurpassed indoor air quality.

Three Powerful Technologies in One Air Purification System

Electrostatic MER-11* Filter Removes Allergans Electrostatically:

So small that they can only be seen with a microscope. Pollen, mold, fungal spores, dust mites, cockroach dust, tobacco
smoke and bacteria are but a few examples.
“Photo-Catalytic Oxidation” Destroys Toxic Chemicals and Eliminates Household Odors:

Activated carbon, zeolite and potassium permanganate used by the best air purifiers can rapidly absorb large quantities of
toxic fumes, however this media quickly becomes saturated and slowly releases pollutants back into the air stream. Photo-
Catalytic Oxidation converts toxic compounds, even carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide, into benign constituents such as
carbon dioxide and water without wearing out or losing its effectiveness.

Ultraviolet Light Kills Disease Germs on Contact

Ultraviolet light 10,000 times the intensity of sun light kills viruses and bacteria too small to be filtered out by a Hepa filter.
Ultraviolet technology combined with photo-catalytic oxidation is the most important feature in air purification since germs
are are easily spread from one person to another by central heating and air-conditioning systems.


How it Works: