Hot Water Fancoils

This is an example of a Hot Water Fancoil. These types of units can be used in both Conventiional and Hi-Velocity applications.

A DX Coil can be added if cooling is desired. These types of units replace a standard furnace and eliminate the need to run a gas line and exhaust vent to the unit location. Often they pay for themselves by virtue of this fact alone.

What's more; they can utilize hot water produced by your current water heater, or even better, by a Condensing Boiler to created forced air heating.

When connected to a boiler, these types of units create a very efficient heating system without the negative, drying effects of a combustion furnace. In addition, if you have Radiant Heat in another part of the residence, you can take advantage of your efficient, durable Boiler to provide for Radiant, Domestic Hot Water, AND forced air ducted heating.

Now that's the kind of design we like. SMART. SIMPLE. ELEGANT and VERY EFFICIENT.