Solar Pool Heating is perhaps the simplest and most effective use of solar energy available. We proudly install Techno-Solis pool heating products.

These types of systems are quite inexpensive compared to other uses of solar energy and offer a very attractive return on investment.

The diagram below, reprinted from the
Techno-Solis web site, shows how these types of systems work:


1. Pool pump moves the water to the solar collectors
2. Cool water enters the solar collector from the bottom.
3. Water is heated as it flows upwards through the collector tubes to the top header pipe.
4. The warm water is then returned to your pool.
5. This process continues until the desired water temperature is reached.

Installation is quick, easy, and starts yielding results immediately. We are proud of the $$$ we have been able to save our customers in pool heating costs as well as the carbon emissions offset by these simple systems.

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